Raleigh mayoral candidate Charles Francis concedes, will not seek run-off election

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Citing financial concerns, Raleigh mayoral candidate Charles Francis announced Friday that he will not seek a run-off election against Mary-Ann Baldwin, the top vote-getter.

"From this campaign's inception through the evening of October 8, I fully expected to finish first," Francis said in a statement. "However, that didn't happen. After reviewing the results and analyzing a runoff race, I have concluded that the path to a runoff victory to re-connect with my voters and reach other voters concerned about our city would require an additional several hundred thousand dollars-more resources than available for an election just three weeks away. Therefore, though there was no clear mandate in the Mayor's race for any candidate, I will not call for a runoff."

Francis was the second-place finisher in Tuesday's election, earning 31 percent of the vote to Baldwin's 38 percent. A candidate must win 50 percent to win outright.

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Charles Francis speaks at election watch party

"I want to thank each and every one of my voters, volunteers, interns, donors and friends for their support, exertions, counsel and prayers throughout this campaign," Francis said. You inspired me. Most of all, I want to thank my family for their unflinching loyalty and love."

Francis was delibarate, taking several days to make a decision that many expected to come sooner. Francis said he'll continue to push the agenda that he ran on and urged city unity.

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Mary-Ann Baldwin speaks at election watch party

"One purpose of my candidacy was to include all people in Raleigh's growth, decision-making and prosperity," Francis said in the statement. "I am committed to continue doing the work to build a Raleigh for All as a lawyer, bank director, entrepreneur and community servant. The lofty rhetoric we often hear about Raleigh does not match the reality for too many people. While I regret not winning this election, I look forward to joining with my 17,000 voters and others for the agenda that we brought forward to take root in local policy and budgets. I extend congratulations to Mayor-Elect Baldwin and the newly elected Councilors. Raleigh should now come together as one city to support, guide and hold accountable our new Mayor and City Council to truly build a Raleigh for all."

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