Raleigh's newest mural honors NCCU's LeVelle Moton

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A mural going in the parking lot across from Deco Raleigh on Salisbury Street is creating a lot of buzz.

On social media some were wondering where they could see it or what the story was behind it after Levelle Moton tweeted out a picture sent to him.

The mural features NCCU men's basketball coach, LeVelle Moton, surrounded by championship trophies, family and organizations like the Raleigh Boys and Girls Club that helped shape him.

Moton grew up in southeast Raleigh and now works to give back and inspire through the Velle Cares Foundation. He's also transforming his old Raleigh neighborhood partnering with the city to develop more affordable housing there.

"I lived in poverty over half my life," Moton said. "So, I never forget about the challenges in the circumstances of that place. I hope this mural can serve as an inspiration. And a purveyor of hope for everyone. Because I'm not a character that you can't touch that you don't know, right? It's like, you have access to me. And I just want people to feel like if that guy can make it and I know him from his humble beginnings, and whatever I'm going through, in whatever facet of my life, I know I can make it too."

Raleigh mural artist Sean Kernick is painting the mural, which was a collaboration with the Raleigh Murals Project and designed by Raleigh artist and designer Adam Williams.

The mural will be done by the end of November. The City of Raleigh plans to hold an unveiling ceremony once it's complete.
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