'You just always have to readjust.' Inflation, supply chain issues delay small business development

Lindsay Wrege thought by now, the third location of 321 Coffee would be open and serving the community. Instead, construction crews are still working on the space.

A few businesses are pushing back Grand Openings because of construction delays.

"Everything is just taking so much longer than I think any of us expected," said Wrege, who is a co-founder of 321 Coffee.

She says every little step in the process of opening has been struggle. Some of the setbacks include sourcing equipment, getting permits and finding labor.

"We were expecting this place to be operating and revenue to start rolling in in April or May, so that's how we built our timeline and our financials and that's not happening," said Wrege. "You just always have to readjust. We are very fortunate that we're okay, but I know that not all companies are in that position."

Wolk360 CEO Jonathan Wolk says it's a headache managing costs and getting in supplies, adding it's actually easier to get custom pieces these days instead of stock items.

"You don't know what the next surprise is going to be," said Wolk.

He has starting to stockpile materials for some of his projects and is pushing clients to picking certain things, like windows, out of the gate so he can place an order early and attempt to get it in sooner.

"All these decisions that you're used to being able to make further down to the road, you have to make all those decisions upfront," said Wolk.

Wrege is striving to open up her spot sooner than later.

The place serves up coffee while also offering a dose of opportunity.

The coffee shop and roaster focuses on employing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Unlike other spots struggling to staff up, there are 80 people sitting on a notification list right now waiting for positions to open.

"As soon as we started opening the applications, they started rolling in," she said. "It is also something I would say though to other companies that are struggling with labor - is that there is people out there who are looking to work and want that opportunity. You just need to look at them and consider them as well."
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