Grace period ends for red light runners in Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- The warning ticket grace period has ended for red light runners in Fayetteville.

At noon Wednesday, images snapping violators became proof to support $100 citations that the car owner will receive in the mail.

The cameras went live one week ago, but the city and its vendor, American Traffic Solutions, allowed drivers a grace period to understand how the program works.

Between July 1 - 6, the cameras installed in three intersections captured 139 likely red light runners.

"I believe it," said Jimmy Jackson, a Fayetteville resident who said he sees drivers running red lights often. "Maybe not every day, but every other day."

ATS reviewed the images to ensure they weren't capturing things like acceptable turns on red. Then they sent out warnings to drivers Wednesday evening.

"I'm okay with it," said Fayetteville resident Andrea Lane. "I have a [son]... he'll be two in a couple of days, and you know I really respect the fact that they're taking it upon themselves to [say] 'Hey, listen up. You're going to get fined if you're running a red light.' You know, it's a big deal around here."

To learn more about the program, how it's financed, and how to pay for and challenge citations, click here.

On Thursday from noon to 1 p.m., the City of Fayetteville will host a virtual town hall for people who still have questions about the Red Light Camera Program. Click here to log on.

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