Puppy found in dumpster half blind

Sunday, July 9, 2017
Baby puppy found in dumpster
Baby puppy found in dumpster
images-Credit: KTRK

HOUSTON, Texas -- Saving The Chain Dogs received a call about a puppy that was found in a dumpster at an apartment complex.

A man heard a sound while throwing his garbage in the dumpster and surprisingly found a puppy behind a grocery bag.

Saving The Chain Dogs received a call and immediately rescued the puppy, named Trent, who is now in critical condition. Trent has maggots in his eyes, mouth and in the back area.

The veterinarian believes Trent will need extensive treatment to kill the maggots. Unfortunately, the maggots completely destroyed the right eye, but the vets are trying to save the left eye.

"Trent is going to be blind in his right eye," said Robin Mitchell, owner of Saving The Chain Dogs. "Maggots ate his eyeball. Maggots damaged his left eye too, but the vet is working to try and save it."

The maggots also managed to enter his eardrums.

"The vet is checking to see if Trent is suffering from total hearing loss, but he does respond slightly when we enter the room to treat him so there is still a chance he has some hearing," said Mitchell.

Trent is taking baby steps. He's eating and drinking from a syringe but still can't walk.

Further investigation is being done on the incident. Saving The Chain Dogs is working with an attorney to locate the individual(s) who dumped Trent in the dumpster.

Saving The Chain Dogs is currently in need of emergency funds to care for Trent and is asking everyone to please either call All God's Creatures at 706-250-1861 or donate using PayPal.