How to unsubscribe from all those Cyber Monday emails

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Stop those Cyber Monday e-mails
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Here are some tips to stop all those Cyber Monday e-mails

Cyber Monday is great for deals - every store and business on the face of the planet is running a special and they have e-mailed you so you know all about it.

According to Anti-Phishing Working Group, there were 119,000 fraudulent websites out there that were just aiming to steal your information. So be very wary of sites you're not used to or that look unusual.

So how do you make it stop? Here are some suggestions:

  • Always unclick the boxes allowing companies to send you offers

  • Give companies an address apart from your main account - for example, set up a second Gmail, Yahoo, etc. account just for companies you do business with

  • Use a service such as to manage subscriptions

More unsubcribe options can be found on PC Mag's website.