At least 2 victimized by skimmer found at Cary gas station

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Cary Police said they found a credit card skimmer Friday at the Valero gas station on Old Apex Road.

Two victims filed police reports, and social media posts indicate there could be more victims who didn't file reports.

Police said the victims' cards were used in Florida.

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Freeport police warn about ATM skimmers.

Here are some tips from Cary Police to avoid becoming a victim:
  • Go inside to pay
  • Use your card as credit, not debit so there's no pin information in the transaction
  • Look at the machine itself and see if anything looks out of ordinary

A Department of Justice official also told ABC11 that consumers can protect themselves by not using debit cards to make purchases online.

Experts say there are multiple points along the path of your purchase where your data can be compromised. Use ATMs that are inside retail stores or other places that are high-traffic areas, and avoid using a debit card to buy gas at the pump. Gas pumps are prime locations for skimmers.


A skimmer is a tiny device that fits into the slot where you insert your card. It records the private information on your card as it passes by.

Crooks install them in ATMs, gas station pumps, and other machines that accept cards. They may also install tiny pinpoint cameras, aimed at the keypad, so they can steal your PIN as well.

If you are victim to one of these scams, the crook could empty your account of all funds in the time it takes you to drive home after your purchase. Look closely at the machine you are about to use. If the card slot looks worn-out, or uneven or crooked, don't use it.
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