'Our main concern is freezing rain and black ice': Wilson gears up for Friday storm

WILSON, N.C. (WTVD) -- The second snowstorm of the year is expected to hit the Carolinas on Friday morning and residents in Wilson are gearing up. Many have spent the week preparing while others are running last-minute errands like resident Samuel Farmer, who is getting gas ahead of the storm.

"I want to make sure I already got my gas. You never know how long it's going to last. The weather is so up and down," said Farmer.

As of Thursday afternoon, the latest models show a winter storm warning in effect for eastern and southeastern counties. Counties such as Wilson can expect two to four inches of snow.

At the fire department, crews have snow chains to help with traction on the roads when conditions get bad. Emergency Operations Deputy Chief James Campbell said crews are ready to respond and already working around the clock. He said the roads will be treated as needed.

"Our main concern is the freezing rain tonight and black ice accumulating tomorrow morning for any time of travel that may occur," said Campbell.

In historic downtown Wilson at Tigs Courtyard, a local coffee shop, owner Marty Garris said no matter what, it'll be business as usual Friday. He and his family are planning to ride the storm out from the comfort of his home once he closes up shop for the day.

"We're planning on being here tomorrow for our community so people can still get coffee and sandwiches tomorrow," said Garris. "Most of the supplies we've got, we're taking from here. We're making sandwiches and soup if we need to stay home."

While Garris is excited about the snow since it's a rarity, others aren't too happy about it.

"I'm not looking forward to the snow. I really don't like to see it," said Farmer.
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