Toilet paper website helps you determine how many rolls you really need

Do you fold or wad?

Have you already run out and found empty shelves at the store to replenish your supplies?

A new website might be able to help determine how many rolls of toilet paper is enough for you.

On, users can enter how many rolls of toilet paper they have and how many times they visit the bathroom.

The simple calculator will tell you how much toilet paper you need to get through these uncertain times.

If you have 10 rolls, visit the bathroom 3 times a day, and you're the only person in your home, you have enough to last 53 days, according to the site.
The calculator has advanced options, which allow you to change the variables, including how many sheets per wipe.

According to the website, more than two million people have already entered their data. The average user has 500% more toilet paper than they actually need during a 14-day quarantine.
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