NC gun shop claims Secret Service said their controversial billboard caused threats on Trump's life

MURPHY, N.C. -- A political billboard that sparked nationwide attention for targeting four minority congresswomen has been replaced, and now the Secret Service is involved.

According to WTVC, the mock Four Horseman sign was taken down on Monday and replace with a sign that reads, "First Amendment. Enough Said. Cherokee Guns."

Cherokee Guns, a gun shop in Murphy that funded the inital sign, said the replacement came after Allison Outdoor Advertising, the owner of the actual billboard, announced the sign would be removed.

A volunteer with the store told WTVC that the shop took down its Facebook page after being contacted by the Secret Service.

The man said the Secret Service and FBI became involved after people threatened their lives and President Donald Trump's life following the reaction to the billboard.

The incident comes days after Doc, the store's owner, stood firm in his beliefs and said he would sue the advertising company to keep the billboard up.

"The billboard has been driving business into our store," he said in a handwritten statement. "This was the main goal, as what any billboard is for! We give no apologies as we believe in our message (as many others do). The bottom line - this country will never be a Socialist country. I think President Trump will agree!"