U-Haul reports Raleigh, Durham are top destinations for movers

Friday, January 10, 2020
U-Haul says people are flocking to the Triangle
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U-Haul says people are flocking to the Triangle

The moving company U-Haul named the Raleigh-Durham area as the top growth region of 2019 after analyzing U.S. migration trends.

U-Haul leadership said the area is growing thanks to Research Triangle Park and schools such as North Carolina State University, Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill.

U-Haul said the Triangle leads an impressive list of 25 cities that saw a lot more DIY movers coming rather than going last year.

Arrivals of U-Haul trucks to the Triangle were up by more than three percent while departures dropped by around two percent compared to 2018 numbers. Durham alone saw a seven percent spike in U-Haul arrivals.

"We have tons of businesses coming here, bringing new residents in U-Haul trucks," Kris Smith, U-Haul Company of Raleigh president.Smith said. "Raleigh-Durham is rivaling Austin (Texas) for attracting tech businesses and young professionals."