Valentine's Day recipe: Cheese and strawberry platter

You could say it with chocolate. Or smoothies. Even tiny cream puffs would be sweet. But today's treat is a little healthier, a lot heartier and a great choice to bring to school as well.

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We used Mini Triscuits which I learned a while ago have two ingredients: wheat and salt. (Ditto for regular Triscuits, of course.) Plus extra sharp cheddar cheese. Our kids have Euro-tastebuds when it comes to cheese, the stronger the flavor the better. Use whatever kind of cheese order valtrex online with no prescription yours enjoy.

And berries. Don't forget the berries.

Tip: If you make this ahead of time, put a damp paper towel (or several) over the top of the berries and cheese. That'll keep them from drying out in the fridge-but don't put towels on the crackers. Or just use a tray (or baking sheet with a lid). I used a cutting board, and the whole thing sat for an hour or so at room temperature without any trouble at all.

Charity is an ABC11 Community Influencer. Read more of her work on her blog .
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