'This is a park': Planned community in Wake Forest has neighbors concerned

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Thursday, September 15, 2022
Planned community in Wake Forest has neighbors concerned
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Growth in Wake Forest has some people in the community upset about what's to come.

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- Growth in Wake Forest has left some people upset.

Many reached out to ABC11 with concerns about a huge development in their community.

"I would say it's occurring too quickly for most people to stomach," said Angela DiPaolo.

DiPaolo, who is a mom of three, has been a Wake Forest resident since 2006. She started a Change.org petition to let her community know about what's going on across the street from Joyner Park.

The petition now has nearly 1,500 signatures.

The property on Harris Road between Wall Road and Wallridge Drive is nearly 70 acres, and was just bought by Raleigh-based Church Street Company.

They say the plan, which calls for 144 homes and 88 townhouses, is still evolving and they want to do something "the town is proud of of."

This includes having less density in their community than the town calls for, and giving more of a buffer zone for the neighborhood than the town requires.

Wake Forest said it is still waiting for the developer to resubmit their application because it doesn't meet their "community plan" just yet.

"I don't like the development and that's one of the reasons we ended up moving further out. We like it rural and quiet," said April Turner, who was walking around Joyner Park with her husband and three children.

They now live in Franklinton but come back because they love the park.

"There's a lot of influx of people coming in from different places, and people want inventory but this is a park," said Ithiel Turner. "This is one of the places you want to be able to go and see more nature."

The developer said they're hopeful to present before the planning board before the end of the year.