Elderly woman dragged by SUV in attempted robbery

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Woman dragged by SUV
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It was caught by a surveillance camera

WHITTIER, California -- An elderly woman suffered injuries after she was dragged by an SUV in a California parking lot during a violent attempted purse snatching that was caught on video.

The incident occurred on April 25. The victim was walking through the parking lot when she was approached by three male suspects in a dark-colored SUV. She said the men were asking her for directions.

Whittier police said the front right passenger in the vehicle asked the victim for directions to a fast food restaurant, luring her closer toward the car.

When the victim was in close proximity of the SUV, the suspect reached out and grabbed the woman's purse. That's when the driver hit the gas.

"In all my years, people don't act that way. They don't try and take other people's things or hurt other people," the victim said.

The car lurched forward with the victim still hanging onto her purse. The victim was dragged for a few feet before both she and the suspect let go of the purse, which appeared to fall on the ground.

The surveillance video shows one of the suspects exiting the car briefly before quickly getting back inside. The car then speeds out of view.

Authorities said the woman suffered a laceration to her head, but she will be OK.

"I've got like between a 5 to 6-inch bruise on my hip and I had like an orange-sized lump on my head," the woman said.

The surveillance video appears to show the woman retrieving her purse from the ground after the incident, but it was not clear if the suspects made off with any of its contents.

Authorities said the woman was very close to being run over by the vehicle. Police believe the men may be looking for other victims.