Wild goose chase! Injured bird on Wake Tech campus needs help

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Raleigh resident sent out a call for help that so far has been a wild goose chase.

On Wednesday evening, the resident wrote a post on the Nextdoor app soliciting help for saving the life of an injured goose on the Beltline Campus of Wake Tech.

"At this point, we are looking for volunteers that can go and capture him ... I'm not really sure how the heck I can go and capture him, especially by myself," the posting reads.

ABC11 surveyed several people on campus Thursday to see whether they were familiar with the injured goose. No luck.

Campus operations director Frank Fields said he spent at least an hour Thursday morning looking for the goose but was unsuccessful. "We walked around the building, we checked the perimeter," Fields told ABC11."We couldn't find anything."

Sitting between the campus parking lot and I-440 is a small pond where roughly 40-plus geese were seemingly relaxing. The injured goose, however, could not be located.

"We found (the geese) playing in the water. Staying cool I imagine," Fields said.

Even the WakeTechGoose account on Twitter decided to get involved.

In a text to ABC11, a staffer with Carolina Fowl Rescue said, "If the goose comes out of hiding, and you can, can you please put a deep container with some lettuce or leafy greens it (sic). If the dish or container is deep enough it should be able to get it into its mouth."
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