2 men break into Kappa Delta sorority house at NC State, steal snacks

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- NC State University police are investigating after officers said two college-aged men went into the Kappa Delta sorority house, stole snacks and ran out.

Faith Rickerts, who lives in the Kappa Delta house, said she heard someone enter the door code and come into the house on Tuesday night.

After the incident was reported, campus officials sent out a Wolf Alert just before 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

It stated that the two men wearing shorts and t-shirts went into the house and stole several snack items.

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Rickerts said it was their house mom who confronted the boys. They took off running and would not stop when she asked them to.

Campus police are reminding all students to keep windows and doors locked and to never let anyone into the house unless they know them.

Depsite the incident, Rickerts said she isn't too concerned.

"I'm actually not (worried), as weird as that sounds. I know that is was probably just a fluke. It was probably just some boys that were bored and hungry and it's probably not a very real threat. But it is still kind of unnerving knowing that someone was in our house while we were sleeping."

It's still unclear if the two men were affiliated with NC State. Rickerts said she does expect them to change the code that opens the sorority house door.
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