'It's not radical. It's what we should do.' Bernie Sanders talks redefining realities in Goldsboro

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigned in Goldsboro Wednesday night by speaking with Rev. William Barber at the Greenleaf Christian Church ahead of Super Tuesday.

Sanders's pitch was simple, to redefine what realities are here in America. He echoed some of his talking points he presented during Tuesday night's heated presidential democratic debate by asking people to consider ideas they believe are radical that might not be outlandish.

Wednesday night, Sanders discussed raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing health care for all.

"Raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour is not radical," said Sanders. "It's what we should do, making sure in 2020 that all our kids regardless of income have the right to get a college education. What is radical is that we are now in some cases paying 10 times more for the same exact prescription drugs as the people of Canada or Europe: that's radical."

The Vermont senator was not on his pedestal the whole time, he also listened to speakers inside the packed church that expressed their concerns surrounding poverty.

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Sanders previously visited Durham and Charlotte last week at events that drew more than 5,200 people.

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In December, candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg visited Greenleaf Christian Church to talk poverty, jobs and voter suppression.

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Next, Sanders will travel to Winston-Salem for a rally Thursday.

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