'A Million Little Things' returns for season 3 with big changes due to COVID-19 pandemic

While the characters on "A Million Little Things" are all dealing with some big issues, the actors are also learning to work during a pandemic.
LOS ANGELES -- From cliffhangers to COVID, the cast of the drama series "A Million Little Things" returns for a third season in a new television world.

While the characters are all dealing with some big issues, so are the actors: learning to work during a pandemic.

"We are in the Vancouver bubble!" said actress Christina Moses.

The cast and crew of "A Million Little Things" came back for season three with a million big changes thanks to the pandemic. Moses and her onscreen husband Romany Malco told us they are, of course, following strict protocols to keep everyone safe: COVID tests, masks, temperature taking and staggered schedules.

"Hair and makeup in full protection, that's a main difference," said Moses. "We are organized in pods on set. We get tested twice a week."

"The other thing is food," said Malco. "Everything has to be so protected you can't just walk up to a table and enjoy a buffet anymore. You have to wait and stand back away from everyone... It just doesn't feel as intimate. It's a very sterile experience."

Malco says this new world has taken some getting used to, especially with a cast that's used to a lot of hugs and high fives.

"We have to hide to do those things because it doesn't suit protocol," laughed Malco.

Season two left us with several cliffhangers, including a big one involving the fate of David Giuntoli's character Eddie. The actors on the show promise questions will be answered quickly for loyal viewers.

"A Million Little Things" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. PT on ABC.
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