Apex parents: Our children's safety is at risk since high school opened

APEX (WTVD) -- A new high school has opened in Apex and ever since, some parents believe their children's safety has been at risk.

"For a good solid 20 minutes, it's just speeder after speeder after speeder," said father Mark Carmany. "These people just do not slow down. They do not care. It's crazy."

Carmany said drivers are hitting highway speeds in the 25 mph zone.

Henniker Street has become an attractive option for high school students who want to bypass stoplights and Highway 55.

Several cars buzzed by ABC11's camera Tuesday afternoon - just minutes after the final bell rang.

Carmany won't let his children play in their front yard anymore and wants officials to put in some sort of safety measure.

"If they want to make it a no through (traffic) street, put in a stoplight, speed bumps, medians, whatever they want to do," he said. "If it keeps the neighborhood safe and my children safe, I'm good with it."

The Apex Department told ABC11 the department has received several complaints and officers are regularly working the area.

The town is currently doing a speed study and sensors have been laid down on Henniker Street.

"We are currently conducting a speed study to determine if there is a speeding issue and if speed humps are warranted," said Apex Police Captain Ann Stevens.
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