$10,000?!?! Funniest memes in response to the Apple Watch launch

For every Apple fan in the world, there is an Apple hater. And while there will certainly be plenty of people lining up next month to be one of the first owners of the new Apple Watch, critics were quick to questions Apple's newest device, especially the hefty $10,000 starting price tag for the top-of-line Apple Watch Edition. "We should be thanking Apple for launching the $10,000 "apple watch" as the new gold standard in d*****bag detection," actress (and Twitter humorist) Anna Kendrick posted to Twitter.

Check out the funniest, snarkiest reactions to the Apple Watch debut.

People were quick to show off their own versions.

And then there were those who were convinced they had seen this technology before.

Of course The Dress made its way into the conversation.

Some questioned why Apple product launches get so much attention.

While others couldn't get past the steep price tag.

And questioned the watch's battery life.

Other brands were quick to hop onto the buzz of the big reveal.

Some people wanted to remind us of how fleeting the joys of owning new technology can be...

And to keep it all in perspective.

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