One Touch Jar Opener

But there's a gadget out there that says it will open the jar for you. It's called the One Touch Jar Opener.

The concept seems easy enough, just put it on the jar, press the button and presto, it's open.

Ruth Long and Cora Colemen both have arthritis in their hands and opening a jar can be a struggle. Coleman said it's hard even with some help "A rubberized thing I put on top of it to open it."

Long said she also has the same problem, "I'm right handed and I can't open a jar anymore. And I was a person who had a lot of strength, I could open jars."

So we asked the women to try out the One Touch Jar Opener for us. We brought several jars of various shapes and sizes with us and put the jar opener to work.

The arms of the jar opener move in to hold it steady as the top opener closes in on the top. Then with a twist, the jar is opened.

Both women were impressed with how well the One Touch Jar Opener worked on all the jars. Long said, "This is very easy. As a matter of fact this is the next thing I'll tell my granddaughters that's always trying to get me something for my arthritis. This is the next thing on my list."

Mrs. Coleman says she would also by the jar opening, "I would love it. Save a lot of energy. When you get old you don't have very much energy so this saves a lot of energy."

So we give the One Touch Jar Opener thumbs up. For $19.95 it's perfect for senior citizens who may have trouble opening jars.

However, it does have limitations. The open will not work on a lid under one-and-a half inches or over four inches.

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