Arrests made in cab driver's robbery, murder

RALEIGH Sabiu Tuker, 52, was found stabbed to death around midnight Tuesday in the 1100-block of Brighton Road. Officers found the taxicab crashed into a fence.

Tuker radioed for help but it was too late when police arrived.

Octavia Miller, a fellow cab driver, heard about the attack this morning. "He always smiled, he was happy. He got along with everyone. It's a shame!" Miller said.

A night dispatcher told her that the cabbie called and cried "Help! They're killing me!" Miller got the chilling news as she pulled up "to pick up the dispatcher to take her home, and they told me about it. By the time I got there the ambulance was not there. It took them 5 or 6 more minutes to get there. And he was just laid out!"

Someone who is still out there stabbed the 52-year-old native of Nigeria. His coworkers think the killer could be the person who called from an address on Burgundy Street, requesting a taxi to a New Bern motel.

Cab Company owner, Usunobun Evbuomwan says "When he got there, he told the dispatcher to make a call to the customer." Then he said there was a second, frantic call. Less than 5 minutes later he was calling the dispatcher telling her to call the police, that he'd been attacked!"

Tuker drove away after the attack, but his cab left the road and crashed into a fence. Someone else called the police.

Neighbors who saw emergency crews working overnight wondered what happened to the cab driver. Neighbor Alvin Gregory was shocked, but his co-worker Octavia Miller says she's devastated. She has this message to Tuker's killer. "You're cold hearted, and you're selfish! And you can't consider yourself a man or a woman, to take someone's life away! What if somebody took one of your family members? How would you feel about that?" she said.

Tuesday afternoon police arrested two men in connection with Tukur's murder. Joseph Caldwell, 24, has been charged with murder and armed robbery, and Davin Heard, 28, has been charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery. They're both being held at the Wake County Jail.

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