Does it work: Aqua Globe

RALEIGH It's called the Aqua Globe, a multi-colored blown glass globe that is supposed to water plants perfectly for up to two weeks. But does it work?

Aqua Globes claim to be the perfect solution for a variety of plants, including house, hanging, and patio. It's a good thing we read the instructions - one key step is to make a hole in the soil before you plant the Aqua Globe. Pushing the Aqua Globe directly into the soil will plug it up with dirt. Once you have a hole, just fill the Aqua Globe with water, plant it, and you are good to go.

After just one day, we noticed a lower water level in the Globe. Three days later, a little more water is gone and our plant is looking rather perky and full.

The Aqua Globe continues to work great after a weekend sitting in the plant. By Monday, the water level is even lower, and our plant continues to stand tall. After a week and a half, there's still water left in the globe to continue our hands-free watering!

We give Aqua Globes a big thumbs up! They cost less than ten dollars for two and can be found in drug stores, big box stores, and even office supply stores. You can also find Aqua Globes online for four for fifteen dollars plus eight dollars shipping and handling.

Small plants require one globe and larger ones require two. Just remember to read the directions, especially the part about making a starter hole!

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