Chapel Hill: No outsiders allowed at Halloween party


The Town of Chapel Hill says the show will go on, but only if you are a Chapel Hill resident.

After a meeting Tuesday to discuss changes to the annual /*Halloween*/ street party, the town said it will continue with the festivities on /*Franklin Street*/.

However, if you don't live in Chapel Hill, you are not invited.

Also, all downtown convenience stores that sell alcohol will either close during the event or stop selling alcohol at 1 a.m.

Downtown restaurants and bars will also close their doors at 1 a.m. to anyone not already inside the business. Those businesses will also charge a minimum $5 cover to patrons not attending a private event.

Lastly, the town decided not to designate any special event park and ride shuttles. No downtown parking will be available and police will reopen Franklin Street at midnight.

The changes came follwing complaints that the annual party had gotten out of hand over the years.

Last Halloween, 400 police officers tried to keep control of more than 80,000 partygoers. Thirteen people were arrested and eight were taken to the hospital.

Town leaders say binge drinking, fighting and gang activity are also on the rise. The event cost Chapel Hill more than $220,000 last year.

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