Dancing woman disrupts funeral, strikes corpse

GRAY COURT, S.C. Tammy Fausel of Candler, N.C. told The Greenville News an unknown woman entered her uncle's funeral and proceeding to disrupt the service.

Nicole Leonard, 25, is charged with disturbing a funeral and public disorderly conduct, according to the Laurens County Sheriff's Office.

The funeral was Tuesday in Gray Court, S.C. According to Fausel's statement to the sheriff's office, Leonard danced in front of the service, waved a wand around the casket, opened the lid, laid her hands on the her uncles head, struck his body with a wand.

Fausel told The Greenville News that she had never seen the woman and did not know why she interrupted the funeral.

Fausel said everyone looked on in shock because they didn't know what to think. After the incident, witnesses say Leonard took flowers off the casket and threw them at the family before driving off.

Authorities apprehended Leonard shortly after she left the funeral.

When asked for the reason for her behavior, Leonard told deputies she thought it was the right thing to do. She also said she didn't know anyone at the church.

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