Person of the week: Robin Rose

CARY "I just got lifted off the couch, placed in front of that TV set, and said that's something that needs to happen. There's so many special needs children that need some attention," he recalled.

Rose doesn't have special needs children of his own. He just wanted to share his love of baseball with children who needed a league of their own.

"I played baseball all my life and still, and always, will have baseball interest. When I saw this program about special needs children that want to play, that want to have an opportunity to play, I had to go do it right then," he said.

Rose called his friend Tony Withers, and in just a year they raised $750,000 to build a field.

"He's got a huge heart and a heart for the kids and he saw this on TV and said that's something that Cary needs. He just saw a need and made it happen," said Withers.

The Miracle League is now in its third year and has 225 athletes like Tyler Jacoby.

"When I score, I spin around in circles on home plate," he said.

"These guys aren't afforded a lot of the opportunities that other kids do in terms of team sports and being part of a team - they didn't have that outlet - until this," explained his dad Brian Jacoby.

It's also a special opportunity for the moms and dads.

"To be able to give those parents joy for one hour on a Saturday that you bottle up and carry with you through the rest of the week is fantastic," said dad Mike McPherson. "I can't thank Robin enough for what he's done for kids like my son and for all these kids out here."

Robin Rose is a man of humility who doesn't want the credit.

"It's not about me. It's about them. It's about them," he said.

But it is about him - one man's dream that's now making dreams come true for a couple hundred Triangle families.

You can learn more about the league at

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