Flint due to take possession of Genesee Towers Wednesday

December 7, 2010 3:30:28 PM PST
(12/07/10) -- The Genesee Towers officially changes hands from the outgoing owner to the city of Flint.

Just a day before the move, anyone walking by could see a flurry of activity as the outgoing owner moved out just about anything in the building that was not nailed down.

According to building owner Kumar Vemulapalli, he was allowed in by the city on Monday to clear out his belongings. Workers say they have been emptying contents of the building for four days.

Vemulapalli told ABC12's Cathy Shafran that he was taking some of his office furniture and old computers out of the building.

As we watched from the street level, we also saw dishes, plates and an ice cream machine being moved out, presumably coming from the former penthouse restaurant, the University Club, that used to operate at the top of Genesee Towers.

Vemulapalli said he is moving what he considers his property out of the building into a storage unit where he will sell it at some point. He also said he was told by the city he has to be out of the building by Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, Flint's City Council Finance Committee agenda contains an item that asks the mayor's office to talk about what will happen with the money if the Genesee Towers is sold or rented. The question comes as Flint property taxpayers are now finding winter tax bills with an extra assessment to pay for the city's nearly $9 million price tag to acquire the building from Vemulapalli.

The mayor said in the past that there are some people who have expressed an interest in renovating the building.

The uptown reinvestment group has said the building needs to come down.

There is no word yet on its future.