Couple's Instagram-worthy shop will make you want to move

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Friday, April 16, 2021
Couple's Instagram-worthy shop will make you want to move
After years in the big city, this couple realized their money can go much further in the country. They now own one of the coolest shops in town that will make you want to pack your bags too!

BRENHAM, Texas -- Jared Anderson and Kathleen Matthews built their careers in Houston. Kathleen worked at Fluff Bake Bar, and Jared was a civil engineer. But they realized it would take years to afford a home the size and in the location they wanted.

So they decided to make a change, and moved to Brenham, Texas. The couple found the area was far more affordable, and offered the chance to open their own business.

They opened Ballad of the Bird Dog - a modern general store. They sell a lot of their favorite things, from candles to soaps, jewelry, pantry items and other products that support local businesses.

The couple has also expanded their businesses to include Mescalito coffee bar, a pop-up barber shop, and 1884 Liquor Market with an event venue on the top floor.

The couple said they miss all the great restaurants in Houston, but know Brenham is the perfect place for them and the life they want to lead.