Scared of fondant?

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Don't be scared of fondant this Halloween
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Don't be scared of fondant this Halloween

If you've always wanted to try decorating with fondant but don't think you can do it, here's an easy way to start.

Don't be skerred! LOL!

If you can use a rolling pin and a cookie cutter you can do it! Just think of your childhood days of playing with "Play-Doh"

Speaking of kids, you can get the little ones involved in this too!


Roll out orange fondant on a counter top dusted with powdered sugar (so it won't stick)

About 1/4"thick.

Use a 4 to 5" round cookie cutter (depending upon the size of your cake pop) to form a fondant circle. Place the cake pop in the center of the circle. Wrap the fondant around the pop. Use the blunt side of a kitchen knife to make vertical pumpkin-like creases around the sides. Snip off a piece of green licorice and slide down the pop to form a stem. That's it!

You can leave it plain or use black, round sprinkles for eyes. I painted noses and mouths using a very thin paint brush tip and black icing color.


Cut a 5" and a 2" round circle out of white fondant (again, depending on the size of your pop). Place the pop on the smaller circle.

Center the large circle over the cake pop stick and slide it down to cover the pop. Lightly form around the pop. Don't be afraid of folds, it looks real and adds character.

I used black round sprinkles for eyes. So easy and cute!

Halloween cake pops! That's sweet!

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