National Geographic's 'Animals Up Close With Bertie Gregory' is 'part wildlife and part adventure'

The show is a dream gig for thrill-seeking cinematographer, Bertie Gregory.

ByAmy Becker OTRC logo
Wednesday, August 30, 2023
'Animals Up Close With Bertie Gregory' is informative and thrilling
Bertie Gregory brings the audience on a wild expedition to 'capture animals doing amazing things.'

LOS ANGELES -- In order to keep up with the animals and tell their story, the "Animals Up Close With Bertie Gregory" crew had to push themselves to the limits.

As a wildlife filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer, Bertie Gregory has had extensive experience pushing himself to the limit to capture the perfect shot. Since his career began a decade ago, he has produced and hosted six projects for National Geographic, and previously hosted Disney+'s "Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory."

Now, he's back with more wildlife and new adventures.

On The Red Carpet spoke with Gregory about his journey to capture the secret lives of these animals.

"It's what I've been doing for a long time, getting muddy, getting wet, getting cold. That's all part of it, all to capture animals doing amazing things," he told us.

For this series, the crew found themselves in many different climates and terrain, each location bringing a new challenge.

"We're climbing up trees in the jungle, going up mountains in Patagonia, diving under sea ice in Antarctica," he explained.

Gregory is no stranger to the perils of nature. "As much as it is about the struggles of the animals to survive, it's also about our struggles to document the animals and keep up with them."

"I wouldn't say we come too close to dying, because, you know. If you die, that's a lot of paperwork for everyone else involved," he joked.

Also from National Geographic, are the season premieres of "Life Below Zero" and "Life Below Zero: Next Generation" on September 4. Then, on September 9, a new season of "Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet" on Nat Geo Wild.

"Animals Up Close With Bertie Gregory" premieres September 13 on Disney+.

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