Raleigh company helping restaurants make touchless menus amid coronavirus pandemic

You hardly ever see their branding but chances are, you've used their services.

Tour Tech is an event IT company.

"We first served the concert and touring industry and that grew into events and festivals," said Allen Cook, CEO.

By events, Cook means big events. Their company was set to provide Wi-Fi and IT service for the NFL Draft but then COVID-19 got in the way.

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"Everything stopped.Some of the first things to go were the private corporate contacts," said Shannon Cook.

Leaning on their creativity, Tour Tech tapped into touchless technology, designed to help restaurants keep their customers safe.

"It's going to allow restaurants to open utilizing a touchless menu and that will support social distancing guidelines and also reduce contact areas that could spread COVID- 19," said Allen Cook.

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It works similar to a guest Wi-Fi system you would see in a hotel or large venue. You join the guest network and instead of signing in, it takes you to the menu.

"You'll pull out your phone. There will need to be a sign that directs people to join the Wi-Fi network and as soon as you do it will tell you what's available," said Cook.

No touching the menu means lower printing costs for the restaurant and a completely touchless experience.

"We're also able to capture customer information for follow-up marketing," said Cook.

Tour Tech rolled out their service early this week and so far they're already taking orders and in talks with some of the Triangle's biggest restaurants.
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