Military spouses honored with giveaway ahead of Mother's Day

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday. It's a time when we all pay tribute to moms by getting them something nice or taking them out for lunch.

But what you may not realize is that May 10 is a special holiday for a group of moms who also make sacrifices.

In honor of Military Spouses Appreciation day, Support Military Spouses held a gift giveaway at Manna Church for moms who serve on the home front while their spouses serve on the battlefield.

The line for the event was wrapped around the building, indicative of something good on the inside.

But organizer Diane Rumley said Friday was about the someone rather than the something- military spouses.

"In many instances, this is Mother's Day weekend. They have children but they're away from their own moms," said Rumley.

Rumley founded "Support Military Spouses" to help wives who serve on the home front. The organization held a gift giveaway for nearly 600 spouses.

"My husband has been deployed a few times and we do it with the kids and with him gone for a long period of time especially with them being little, so this is really good," said one military mom.

In each care package was a pink camo Bible for direction, a note pad for those long to-do lists and letters abroad and a shoal for the cold nights away from their deployed husbands.

As the women opened their gifts, there was nothing but smiles and gratitude.

To learn how you can help support military spouses, click here.

"When I see the reaction from military spouses it makes everything we do worthwhile," said Rumley.
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