Toy delivery brings smiles to the kids at Duke Children's

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

"What is going on in here?!" 9-year-old Brayden Clark said as he entered a room filled with Disney toys. He was one of the first to choose from toys, movies and books to take home.

Clark has been at Duke Children's Hospital for ten days. His mom, Courtney, says that Brayden is a frequent patient.

"It boosts his spirits," Courtney said. "Gives him something to look forward to."

Brayden chose a talking Spiderman mask.

The toys were a donation and part of a commitment from the Walt Disney Company.

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Disney has committed $100 million to transform children hospital experiences over the next five years, part of the Disney Team of Heroes Initiative. Duke Children's is one of more than 445 hospitals from coast to coast receiving care packages.

Xaria Wise is 12. She had a spinal fusion last month. Wednesday, she was at Duke Children's for a temperature. She said she loves to read.

With her mom, she rolled into the same room Brayden did. With excited eyes, she saw an Elsa doll, Star Wars toys, books and Disney movies.

"They have Buzz Lightyear!" Xaria exclaimed! A large talking Buzz made his way from the table to Xaria. Without missing a beat, she said Buzz's famous tagline: "To infinity and beyond!"

Katelin Tate with Duke Children's Hospital sees all of the kids that make their way through the toy display regularly.

"There are so many things here that brings fear and anxiety," Tate said "so anything that can put a smile on their face, we are all about that. This is fantastic!"

The goal of the care packages is to bring a smile to the faces of those who carry such a burden. Hopefully, the toys and movies give kids a chance to play and forget about the hospital environment.

Disney is the parent company of ABC 11