You're spending more time at home during the pandemic. This checklist helps make sure your house is safe.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many of us spending much more time in our homes, it's key to keep your home safe inside and outside.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to make sure you don't neglect your home when it comes to safety.

"This is a time to let us take inventory and make sure that our own homes are safe," says Commissioner Dana Baiocco, of CPSC.

Baiocco says start outside and take a walk around your property.

"We have people delivering so many things to us right. Make sure you have a path for them, wrap up those garden hoses, and no tripping hazards," she said.

Also take a look at your kids outside playing equipment, like the trampolines, bikes, and scooters to make sure everything is in good working order. When it comes to their safety equipment like helmets along with knee and elbow pads make sure they still fit and aren't broken.

Inside your home: "Do you have a fire extinguisher? Do you have something in place for a fire escape plan? Do you have your furniture for little kids anchored to the wall if it's necessary?"

Don't forget to check the smoke detectors to make sure they're working and have a fresh battery.

It's also key to beware if any toys and household items are recalled due to safety issues.

"We have a recall app that you can download to your phone," Baiocco said. "Take a look at that you get alerts and let you know the products been recalled and if you have those products in your home. You should take steps to follow the recall or the corrective action instructions."

You also want to check for recalls when it comes to your car. While the manufacture is supposed to alert you, it doesn't also happen, so make sure you get your VIN and run it through Safercar, and get any of those recalls fixed right away.

For complete COVID-19 safety checklists for inside and outside your home, click here.
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