Shopping online more due to the COVID-19 crisis? Earn extra money by using these cashback websites, apps

COVID-19 forced many people out of work. If you're shopping online now more than ever, there are some ways to save money.

If Amazon is your go-to place to shop, make sure you're using camelcamelcamel.

CamelCamelCamel is a price tracking tool for Amazon, where you get access to a price history for almost every product listed for sale. This way, you don't spend more than you need to.

When it comes to shopping for groceries, make sure you check out Ibotta before you buy.

Ibotta is a free cashback rewards and payments app that gives you real cash for everyday purchases when you shop and pay through the app.

Swagbucks lets you save money not only while shopping but also by doing surveys, watching videos and surfing the web.

The more you do, the more points you earn towards gift cards at several stores, or you could get cashback to your PayPal.

Rakuten is also a cashback website, where you get money back for each purchase. Once you sign up (for free), you search the site for a specific store and see what deal is offered.

Some online retailers provide larger percentages back compared to others.

A bonus feature is being able to stake coupon codes for even bigger savings. Once everything is in your cart, you just click buy.

While many of us aren't driving as much right now, filling up on gas could put extra money in your pocket.

All you need to do is download the GetUpside app.

Here's how it works: Users see different offers for cashback at gas stations near them when they open the app.

After they claim an offer, they have four hours to go to that station, buy gas and take a picture of the receipt. Offers vary by location, time of day and by the user. The goal to help drivers save and help businesses find new customers.

While these apps and websites are all free to use, you need to make sure you read the fine print on each site to see how and when you get your cashback. Plus, also realize you could be giving permission to track your purchases.
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