Demand for COVID tests is still high, Wake County lines are shorter on New Year's Day

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Sunday, January 2, 2022
Covid testing lines shorter New Year's Day
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Wake County's busiest COVID-19 testing site kept the process moving early on New Year's Day, giving vaccines to many with appointments.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Wake County's busiest COVID-19 testing site kept the process moving early on New Year's Day for those who had appointments.

Physician, Anshul Rao, came with his young children and swabbed their noses.

"And of course, they met friends and family this holiday season, so I want to make sure that everybody's safe," Rao said. "You know, we practiced at home. One of our friends said use a Q-Tip so we practiced with that, and that helped a lot. But once we actually came.. I just talked them through it. We did it for 5 seconds in each nostril, and they've been pretty good about it!"

The tests, self-administered by adults, remains slightly uncomfortable for some people who still show up and grit their teeth while swabbing.

"My nose is a little itchy after that! But you don't have to go as deep these days with the swab...I did have an appointment!," said, Aaron Reams.

The line approaching the Kidd Road testing site on Saturday was still lengthy but not quite as long as some we've seen earlier during the pandemic.

"At first I was a little apprehensive because it wrapped around the block," said Reams, "but the line moves pretty quickly!"

But doctors and medical professionals remind you, testing is one of a series of steps they hope more people will take to keep the community safe.

"Please, please get yourself tested, get yourself vaccinated. Our children are too young to get vaccinated," said Dr. Rao. "So if you get the opportunity get your first two shots, get your booster shots, please!"

Wake County Public Health says the demand for COVID-19 testing broken a single day record twice last week, with results available in less then 12 hours. You can schedule appointments as early as seven days in advance at one of five testing sites, by going to