Emergency calls released in case where RPD shot man throwing Molotov cocktails at their cars

Monday, May 9, 2022
Emergency calls released in deadly Raleigh police shooting
ABC11 obtained the emergency calls made by Raleigh police officers during a hectic confrontation with a man throwing Molotov cocktails at their cars Saturday.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The emergency radio calls reveal a small piece of what happened when Raleigh police shot and killed a man Saturday outside their police substation on Rock Quarry Road.

It all happened Saturday around 1:30 p.m. at the Southeast Raleigh District Headquarters.

"Hold traffic. Subject is throwing multiple Molotov cocktails we got a second patrol car on fire," one officer can be heard saying on the emergency calls. "He is making a Molotov cocktail right now"

Officers said when they arrived they told the man to stop.

"Get fire and EMS en route and have them stage. It's on fire," officers say on the calls. "We have a second patrol car on fire. Ok, he has a knife in his pocket. He is trying to throw Molotov cocktails at us."

When he refused and instead turned to throw the firebombs at the officers, they opened fire. The man was then rushed to the hospital, but he died from his injuries.

"Shots fired. Shots fired ... shots fired," officers say on the emergency calls. "CPR in progress, 10-18. One suspect down. All officers are 10-4. Black male about 20 years old. Gunshot wound."

The officers on the call spotted at least three gunshot wounds across the man's body.

The suspect has not been identified. It's not known whether he was suffering mental health issues when police say he started setting vehicles on fire.

The clerk at a nearby tobacco store told ABC11 off-camera that he saw the smoke from the burning vehicles, and he heard the gunshots.

A neighbor who lives across the street from the police station in the Granite Ridge subdivision said she was shocked and concerned about what impact this police shooting will have on her community.

"They've been attacked I guess - they could turn up the heat on the rest of the community," said Elnora Gemeille. "So I think that's a big thing for me. This is my home. This is my community, so I think our safety is most important."

Other neighbors waited for hours to get home Saturday.

"It's very concerning that somebody comes up to the police department and trying to cause harm to other people," said Daryl Peebles.

Cameras outside the building and well as the officer's body-worn cameras were on. Police Chief Estella Patterson said she plans to ask for their release.

The police body cameras and security video could be released pending a judge's approval.

Four officers shot toward the suspect. A report due out later this week will determine which fired gun actually made contact with him.

Multiple investigations are underway.