Disney+ shares the scares with Hallowstream

From new releases to Halloween classics, Disney+ has you covered this spooky season.

ByAmy Becker OTRC logo
Sunday, October 8, 2023
Disney+ shares the scares with Hallowstream
Celebrate the season with new streaming releases like 'Haunted Mansion' and 'Werewolf by Night in Color.'

LOS ANGELES -- Disney+ will get into the spooky spirit this year with their annual Hallowstream celebration. Check out what'll be streaming below.

Now streaming, "Haunted Mansion"

Based on the beloved theme park attraction, "Haunted Mansion" features a mom and son who try to rid their new home of 999 haunts, with the help of "spiritual experts."

October 20, "Werewolf by Night in Color"
Marvel's "Werewolf by Night in Color" is a new version of the film "Werewolf by Night," originally released in 2022 in black and white. This will give viewers a vibrant new take on the movie as they watch a group of monster hunters compete in a deadly competition for a powerful relic.

Also streaming
Halloween classics "Hocus Pocus" and "Nightmare Before Christmas" celebrate their 30th anniversaries. "Halloweentown" celebrates its 25th anniversary, and the complete collection of "The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror" will be available.

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