Family's dog mauled and killed by another dog in north Raleigh neighborhood

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Saturday, November 13, 2021
Family's dog mauled and killed by another dog in Raleigh neighborhood
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"Everybody says she's a dog but she's not a dog: She's our family."

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A family dog was attacked and killed by another dog in a north Raleigh neighborhood.

It happened this past Sunday on Dunbarton Way.

"Everybody says she's a dog but she's not a dog: She's our family," said Carol Cayton, who adopted the Brussels Griffon named Lulu nine years ago.

Her husband Russell was out for a walk Sunday night with Lulu when he turned the corner on their cul-de-sac and saw what he thought was a deer.

The deer turned out to be a dog who was running from a house down the street.

"The animal started getting closer and closer and I said, 'Oh my God, Oh my God. It's a dog and there's no owner, no leash, no nothing.'"

Russell said he did what he could to fight the dog off including smacking it with the leash but it was too late.

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"It was probably 15 minutes but it felt like 30," said Russell. "Lulu was crying, you could tell she was hurting."

The other dog was taken by animal control officers, and it is in their custody in east Raleigh.

The dog will be deemed dangerous and if the owners choose to take him back, they will be under strict liability moving forward.

"There are children walking by and other dogs," Carol said. "I don't know if this dog is going to come back again. I hope not, but I wanted people to know, and I wanted people to know what the dog did to mine."

There was no answer at the home where the other dog came from.

Animal services said there needs to be more responsible pet ownership including addressing behavioral issues and ensuring dogs stay on their property.

Carol and Russell have three other dogs as well and will be looking to adopt again.