Durham Rescue Mission helping homeless off streets during cold stretch

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Durham Rescue Mission did its best to get as many people off the streets with the cold temperatures arriving Monday night.

It's all part of "Operation Rescue Warm Shelter."

"It's just cold tonight and I thought it would be a convenient spot to stop in, stay warm and prepare for tomorrow," said Josh Worley, one of at least 10 people the rescue mission helped to bring in so they could avoid the bitter cold.

Rob Tart, chief executive officer at the Durham Rescue Mission, said the trickiest part is finding them. He said they maintain a general idea of where homeless camps are but they tend to move

"Even if they are staying somewhere, it doesn't mean you'll find them there when you go looking for them," Tart said.

Rodney Burgess joined with others in the rescue mission's longer program for a hot meal, a place to sleep and enough clothing to get through the next few days.

"I stay by myself on the street--I have since the spring time," Burgess said. "After a while, that gets kinda old especially when the wind starts blowing."

Sylvia Wiggins, executive director at Helping Hand Mission in Raleigh, is also giving out space heaters and warm clothing to those who need them.

"It's been a busy day for us," she said. "We want people to know if they need something to come on down."
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