Wake County mom vents to school board after daughter suspended for running from East Wake lockdown

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022
Mom wants answers after daughter suspended
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A Wake County mom wants answers after her daughter was suspended for running out in the middle of a lockdown at East Wake High School last week.

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Naomi Miller stood in front of the Wake County School Board Tuesday night and begged for answers.

"All I could think about was the safety of my children," she said. "My daughter was suspended for leaving school."

Miller reached out to ABC11 last week after her daughter, a junior, was suspended for running out in the middle of a lockdown at East Wake High School last Monday

On Tuesday, she gave it to the school board.

"When I came into this building, I looked at both exits," she said. "If someone were to walk in here right now with a gun, you're not going to stand here and defend me. You're going to run and try and save yourself."

School board members did not address Miller's frustration.

Wake County Schools said there have been five school lockdowns in the past 10 days. More law enforcement was spotted at East Wake on Tuesday but there was never a lockdown.

A spokesperson said law enforcement could better explain specifics but since our question wasn't on the board agenda Tuesday, no one could talk about it further.

"It needed to be addressed," Miller said. "It needed to be brought to the forefront. We need a resolution."

Heather Scott represents District 1, which encompasses East Wake High School.

She didn't mention anything related to Miller's daughter's case or to the lockdowns in general, but she did say East Wake High is in need of more counselors. She also asked people to stop putting their opinions on Facebook in response.

"There is a consistent, negative vibe hanging over the school right now," Scott said.

Miller left upset Tuesday that a suspension is still part of her daughter's permanent record even though she said she believes her daughter did the right thing running out of a code red lockdown.

"We are our children's best advocate so it was important for me to come here and be heard and speak out," she said.