Ebony Anglers combine competitive spirit with entrepreneurship to make a splash

Thursday, October 8, 2020
Ebony anglers make a splash
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Several Triangle entrepreneurs are hoping to make a splash in the world of fishing.

Five Triangle entrepreneurs are hoping to make a splash in the world of fishing.

Ebony Anglers formed over the summer with Gia Peebles, owner of Aura Salon and Boutique, leading the charge.

The group entered their first competition this summer.

Shrills of excitement rang out over the boat they chartered in a video they showed of the moment they reeled in a King Mackerel.

"We knew we had something big, we didn't know how big it really was," Peebles said.

The 48-pound fish was caught on the first line drop in their first tournament in the first two hours of the Carteret Community College King Mackerel and Dolphin Fishing Tournament in July.

"We formed this team, and then four weeks later we competed and won," said Lesleigh Mausi, founder of Dome Group.

Other members include Bobbiette Palmer, owner of Socialotus Media Group, Glenda Turner, owner of Glenda's Nails, and Tiana Davis, owner of On Board Char.

"I think being business owners, and all of us being entrepreneurs, we have that natural competitive spirit, that drive for success," Peebles said.

The group is registered as a nonprofit. By spring, they hope, they will have the chance to teach kids the art of fishing and the benefits.

"We're encouraging women, young girls, young boys to get out on the water, learn the skill of fishing and boating," Mausi said. "These are lifestyle skills that lead to leadership and survival."

Ebony Anglers hope to compete again this month. They are currently considering taking a fishing trip to Florida. Ultimately, they are eyeing the Big Rock Tournament in 2021.