NC village plans to solve homelessness one tiny home at a time

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WTVD) -- An effort is underway in eastern North Carolina to create a village that would solve homelessness one tiny home at a time.

In Wilmington, Eden Village is working to make that a reality.

"Every place has a homelessness problem," Eden Village President, Tom Dalton told ABC-affiliate WWAY. "But if we focus in on the chronically homeless, it becomes a manageable problem."

The village unveiled its first tiny home to the public on Saturday. Each home only costs $300 a month.

According to a social worker meeting with applicants, there are three requirements:
  • You must be homeless in Wilmington for at least a year or more
  • You must be on disability
  • You must also be single

The village president hopes the community will give residents a path to integrate back into society and a form of healthcare.

"We operate on folks and you talk to them and say, 'Hey, where are you going to go to heal?' And we just send them out" Dalton explained. "It's just a really difficult place to heal from when you're out on the streets. So housing as healthcare."

The village hopes to have people moved in by November of this year. But, the organization cannot do it alone. The president is looking for community support by building additional infrastructure. The community plans to build a 3,000 square foot community facility with a 24-hour laundromat and offices for social workers and volunteers.

To support the community via donations, check here. So far, the group has raised over a million dollars to fund the project, but are looking to raise $2 million more.
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