VIDEO: Principal knocked down in Rolesville High School brawl

ROLESVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- At first, the video shows what appears to be a typical high school brawl with students chasing each other, throwing punches, and diving over tables in the cafeteria.

But soon a woman wearing a dress appears on the left on the screen and without hesitation jumps in to try to break up the fight.

She is Rolesville High School's principal Dhedra Lassiter.

WATCH: Raw video of the Rolesville High Schol fight
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Raw video: Brawl at Rolesville High School on Wednesday.

She is knocked to the ground and several of the fighting students fall on top of her.

For casual viewers, it was an 'Oh, no!' moment.

But parents familiar with Lassiter weren't shocked.

"It didn't surprise me one me bit. I mean that's who she is. She's there for those kids day one. I mean and to protect her students, to protect her staff," said Jennifer Jackson.

Jackson's daughter was at Rolesville Middle School when Lassiter was principal there.

But then Jackson's daughter went to Rolesville High School.

And while the high school was a relatively new state-of-the-art facility, it had a bad reputation as a place where fisticuffs could break out at any moment.

Videos of brawls there were constantly on social media.

But three years ago, when Lassiter moved from the middle school to Rolesville High School, things began to change and fights are now the exception and not the rule, according to Jackson.

"She's the perfect fit for Rolesville High. Unfortunately, she walked into a little bit of a mess and she had to clean up some stuff," Jackson said.

Jackson was worried when she saw the video of Wednesday fight showing Lassiter hitting the deck.

But she was relieved when she read the email Lassiter sent out to parents not long after the fight showed up on social media.

In it, Lassiter said the fight wasn't as bad as it appeared in the video and no one was injured, including her and the school resource officer who was also knocked to the floor.

Two juveniles were charged with simple affray. Another person was charged with simple affray and disorderly conduct.

Jackson said Lassiter has used her communication skills to make the high school a better learning environment and that communication is not just with parents.

"She communicates with the students. She's very frank and honest with them," Jackson said. "And she's like, 'Guys this is our school and you know we've got to do better. And if you have problems please communicate with us. That's what we're here for. If you hear anything please come to us.' You know, again, communication is key and she's been dead on with that since day one."
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