3 fitness apps that make staying active easy

Thursday, February 22, 2018
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3 fitness apps that make staying active easy

A study by the Journal of Medical Internet Research revealed that fitness apps really do help keep users more active.

With that in mind, here are three apps to consider:

My Fitness Pal

Created by UnderArmor, this app acts as a digital diet book, calorie counter, and exercise tracker.

The app tracks the user's steps taken per day and allows them to log their weight alongside their end goal weight and when they would like to have the weight loss.

With that information, the app will suggest how many calories are needed per day to achieve your goal. It allows offers recipes, because, after all, "you can't outwork a bad diet."

7 Minute Workout

Created by Johnson and Johnson, this app takes the user through a variety of quick workouts that aim to help them achieve their fitness goals.

This app also works with the Health app that comes standard with iPhones.

Workouts, as mentioned in the title, are seven minutes. That time does not include warm up or warm down, but still the perfect app for the person on the go.

Run, Zombie!

This is an interactive app that follows a storyline.

In the world of zombies, the user will run missions for supplies, which is the only way to ensure everyone's survival.

This app can sync with your playlists and with the Health app that comes standard with the iPhone. Run, Zombies! has missions and stories for each, tracking movements and run times.