Convicted child molester sets up camp with 'free fentanyl' sign across CA school

The 46-year-old says he's just passing on the drugs that other people give him, in exchange for blankets and supplies he provides.

ByDan Noyes WTVD logo
Saturday, October 21, 2023
Convicted child molester shows 'free fentanyl' sign across SF school
A convicted child molester who set up a camp across San Francisco's Stella Maris Academy with a "free fentanyl" sign has been moved by police.

SAN FRANCISCO -- An unhoused man who has been living across the street from a California school for more than two years is turning some heads with a sign that says, "Free fentanyl for new users."

"Were you giving away fentanyl? Was that just a joke?" asked Dan Noyes, an investigative reporter with our sister station KGO.

"No, it's not a joke," Adam Moore responded.

Moore said he's just passing on the drugs that other people give him, in exchange for blankets and supplies he provides.

"I've been homeless in San Francisco for basically 26 years," he added.

Moore is a convicted sex offender who set up camp across the street from a Catholic grade school in San Francisco more than two years ago, but it was his signs offering free drugs that had authorities moving him out on Thursday. KGO saw the headline in the San Francisco Standard and had to check it out. Things got heated when a parent from the school apparently punched Moore in the face.

Moore: "So they bring me trash that they've scavenged, things that they think are valuable, or they give me some of the drugs that they have, which I don't do."

Noyes: "You're exposing grade school kids to this? This is not right. You know that?"

Moore: "No, no, it's shallow."

Noyes: "I mean, the kids, the kids come out of the school and they see this."

Moore: "Yeah, I only live by two rules: be kind to others and make it look easy for children."

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The Richmond District police captain told KGO they recently tried an undercover sting on Moore but he didn't have any drugs at the time. However, it's his past that's led to some concerns. Moore is on the Megan's Law website for "lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14." However, Moore claims, "I was innocent of all of the charges that I've been accused of convicted of."

Moore is apparently not considered a "high-risk" offender, so he does not have to follow the rule to stay 2,000 feet away from any school.

SFPD Captain Chris Canning explained, "I was told that he is in compliance with all the components of what his sex registration are."

But, Canning said under new guidance, officers are allowed to enforce rules against camping on sidewalks and that's what they did Thursday. The I-Team was there as Moore declined an offer of shelter. His answer? "I will never voluntarily incarcerate myself."

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More officers arrived, along with a homeless outreach team from Healthy Streets Operations Center. They took away bikes and other items that Moore willingly gave up, and allowed him to keep an electric bike and other personal items. As the news crew left, the team hoped Moore would willingly move on -- which would be a relief for parents at the school and those living nearby.

"I'm also concerned my wife walks our baby around by herself. I always kind of want to be there because you never know. And it just sucks to always kind of have that sense of like, extra vigilance. In a neighborhood that's supposed to be quiet and residential, right," said neighbor Jon Chintanaroad.

Moore did get a ticket Thursday for misdemeanor battery in an altercation with a parent from the school. He, in turn, filed a complaint of assault against that father.

On Friday, Moore was arrested on a probation violation. But according to KGO, Moore had a medical complaint and went to a hospital. Then, police decided to delay pursuing the probation violation. He was out of custody Friday night.