12,000-plus sign petition to recognize late teen at Enloe graduation

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Family wants graduation to recognize teen who died
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Rachel Rosoff

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- More than 12,000 signatures are on a petition to encourage William G. Enloe High School leaders to include Rachel Rosoff in next month's high school graduation.

Rachel, 17, lost her life on September 3. She was a lifeguard at Heritage Point Pool. Authorities said she drowned after being electrocuted in the pool because of equipment failure.


The family is already fighting in court with a lawsuit, but now they're in a new fight as they try to get their daughter included in what would have been her high school graduation.

A friend of Rachel's also says there is a hashtag campaign circulating social media, #RememberRachel. She said some students are even writing that on the back of their cars.

"My mom came up with the idea of Rachel being recognized and then I wrote the petition," said Jordana Rosoff, Rachel's younger sister.

The family said the school told them graduation is a celebration and it might upset the students.

A district spokesperson said while there is no official policy on the matter they do advise schools not to memorialize students at ceremonies. They said it's a guideline, recommended by the National Association of School Psychologists.

Based on guidelines developed by NASP, schools in Wake County do not memorialize students during ceremonies

"I think it's more of a sad thing that they can't recognize her," said Victoria Ward, Rachel's best friend, who is part of the 2017 graduating class. "She should be there with us."

According to the Wake County Public School System site, graduation for Enloe is on June 14, so family and friends hope something will change between now and then.

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