Arches on pedestrian bridge collapse less than 1 year after being installed in Hickory, NC

HICKORY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Newly built arches that were part of a North Carolina city's $14 million walking expansion project collapsed unexpectedly Thursday.

It happened in Hickory on a pedestrian bridge over a highly travelled highway.

The wooden arches that collapsed were part of Hickory's $14 million City Walk Project, which expanded walking areas around the city.

According to ABC affiliate WSOC, the arches were set up in 2021 and cost an estimated $750,000.

When the arches were installed, the first one went into place without any problems. But crews stopped halfway through lifting the second one because they heard popping noises. The arch was reinforced and re-inspected before it was finally installed in July 2021.

An official reason for the arches collapsing has not been determined.
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