Goldsboro woman unable to get title of home despite paying off loan

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- When you pay off what's owed on your home, it should not be a two-year battle to get the paperwork that proves you own the home free and clear of any debt.

However, that's exactly what Goldsboro homeowner Judi Bohn faced, and she was fed up.

"I never got a straight answer. 'I'm working on it,' that's about all I ever heard," she said.

Despite making the final payment on her mobile home in 2018, Bohn said she kept getting the runaround from the company that held the title.

When she started doing her own research she learned there was a lien on her home. The lien was placed on her home five years before she bought it.

Bohn was confused, because she had proof that she had made all of the payments to her lender.

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"I wanted the title to my home."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson reached out to all parties involved in the title saga, and while it took some time, Bohn got her title and couldn't be happier.

She told Wilson: "My biggest regret is I should have called you two years ago."

The Troubleshooter takeaway to remember is to always keep all of your important documents
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