Investigators: Fort Bragg soldiers charged in marriage fraud scheme

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Fort Bragg soldiers are being accused of arranging fake marriages.

Federal court documents show that two Fort Bragg soldiers worked to facilitate sham marriages between soldiers and immigrants, offering cash, housing benefits and furniture as incentives for potential brides.

Sgt. Edward Kumi Anguah and Specialist Ahmid Mohammed Murtada were the supposed ringleaders of this fraud ring, investigators said.

The investigation began in December when the Department of Homeland Security questioned one of the married soldiers about an affair. The soldier admitted that the marriage itself was a fraud and arranged by Anguah.

The investigation revealed that Spc. Murtada, under the direction of Anguah, approached one of his soldier's, Private Endasia East, about marrying a woman who wanted to gain citizenship.

The deal was that East would get money for an off-post apartment for $1000 a month.

Court documents showed that Anguah, the ringleader, would have the couple stage photos to "make the marriage look legitimate."

During this time, officials were on the case. An undercover officer arranged to meet with Anguah at a Fayetteville Starbucks as if she was interested in marrying an immigrant.

On Thursday, all parties agreed to meet at the Cumberland County Courthouse where authorities shut the deal down, and later filed federal charges.

Authorities on Fort Bragg said Spc. Murtada was arrested and handed over to the Department of Homeland Security Friday morning.

His unit told ABC11 they are working with DHS on the investigation.
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